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This page exists as a tribute to Petomania, a farting technique established by Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane who performed live comedy fart shows in the 19th century at the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Unfortunately Le Petomane performed in a era where there were no movie cameras to record his skillful craft and consequently all we have today are a few fart movie films that reconstruct his life, the most famous being a 1970"s Galton & Simson screenplay starring Leonard Rossiter.

Although very good and humorous these films do not contain genuine colon coughs generated by the technique known as Petomania, that"s Farts if you come from Wigan, but all is not lost!

Mr Methane is a modern day Petomane and his hilarious Fart Movie DVD Mr Methane Let's Rip! contains genuine farts and farting achieved by Petomanic methods.

In this DVD you will see many farting scenes induced by the method first brought to the stage by Pujol. Scenes on the DVD include, Live Show Footage, Candid Camera Stunts, Comedy Sketches and Mr. Methane's very own Poop Video. The Grand Finale when Mr. Methane farts a dart into a large balloon really has to be seen to be believed!
Mr. Methane Lets Rip - The Fart Video - Now on DVD.

Farts Movie

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